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Coding to New Heights Education Newsletter January 2019 Edition

Peak Health Solutions Jan 30, 2019

Our Monthly Peak Coding Education Newsletter, Jan 2019 Edition! This month we'll discuss: Mitral Valve Disorders, Cross Walking CPT & PCS New Cardiac Devices, Cardiac Catheterization Coding In An Outpatient Facility, Cardiac Valves, New York Heart Association  Functional Classification System or CHF, Anticoagulant Vs Antithrombotic, and test your knowledge of Underdosing with this month's Code [...]

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Three Areas Providers Need to Improve Outpatient Clinical Documentation to Meet the Demands of Value-Based Reimbursement

Peak Health Solutions Aug 23, 2018

As value-based reimbursement continues to expand, providers will need to develop better documentation patterns where ever they practice. Improved documentation will help physician practices and acute care centers improve reimbursement, but consistent, quality documentation can also help both groups provide better patient care.

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Providers Will Need Quality Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Programs to Make Value-Based Reimbursement Work and Provide Better Care

Peak Health Solutions May 04, 2018

Value-based care and the resulting value-based reimbursement may not have entered the day-to-day discussions of patients, but it's on the minds of nearly every payer and provider working to keep patients healthy at a reasonable cost.

It's here to stay because the intent is a noble one. Everyone agrees that better care at lower costs for patients is the right thing to do. The tricky part is [...]

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Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Programs and the Data They Collect Are the Keys to Value-Based Reimbursement Success

Peak Health Solutions Apr 05, 2018

The transition from a fee-for-service to a value-based payment model that rewards providers for favorable outcomes may be the most significant challenge healthcare has faced. Value-based care and the corresponding value-based reimbursement strive to reduce the costs of healthcare while at the same time improving care for both individual patients and entire patient populations. That's a tall [...]

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Ask the Experts: How Does Peak Help Improve Existing CDI Programs?

Peak Health Solutions Apr 04, 2018

Our Ask The Experts series provides helpful and informative answers to questions that are submitted directly from you, who work in the hospital space daily, from our highly skilled team of Health Information Management (HIM) Experts at Peak Health Solutions.

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It's HIP Week 2018 and we're Celebrating with gifts and appreciation For our Team And All You Do for Peak!

Peak Health Solutions Mar 20, 2018

We are awarding lucky winners with your choice of a Kate Spade Bag valued at up to $500 or a $500 Amazon gift card this week. To be entered to win, all you have to do to enter is answer a simple question:

Our future at Peak is bright because of you! Check out the message from our leadership team below. We want to know what is  bright and exciting in your personal or professional future?

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We Are Celebrating You, The Hard-Working Health Information Professionals Across the Country, This HIP Week 2018!

Peak Health Solutions Mar 19, 2018

HIP Week 2018 is upon us!

We welcome this opportunity to lift up all of the Health Information Professionals across the country who are hard-working, dedicated individuals.

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Ask the Experts: How Can Peak Help Hospitals Reclaim Missed Revenue Opportunities?

Peak Health Solutions Feb 27, 2018

Our Ask the Experts series provides helpful and informative answers. The questions come straight from you, the people who work in the hospital space daily. The answers come from our highly skilled team of Health Information Management (HIM) Experts at Peak Health Solutions.

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Subscribe To Our Monthly Coding To New Heights Newsletter

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